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About The Offering

It can be a tremendous challenge in these times to come to know oneself, to honor our inspirations, and to allow our own unique expression to unfold.  Our tender hearts are, more often than not, guarded.  Our minds are more often than not, confused, angry and fearful.  This prevents the full expression of our love. 

What if we recommission our bodies to be artists, to be lovers?

Life is our canvas and the Beloved is waiting to dance with you!

~ Christy Ann Ceraso

Are you in the midst of a major life transition? Have you been suffering with debilitating emotional and mental states? Are you struggling with disharmony in your relationships? Do you have chronic physical health issues that are exacerbated by stress? Did you experience childhood trauma that you find continues to undermine your ability to thrive? Are you seeking to understand the purpose of your life, or, trying to muster up the courage to fully embody it? Do you feel disconnected from others, or from yourself? Have you done a lot of therapy and "inner work", and still feel, in some way, stuck? Are you longing to step fully into your power and embody your true potential?

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These are the healing themes I work with regularly. I would be honored to support your transformation into your increasingly authentic, empowered, unique expression. I am a versatile, skilled and experienced psychotherapist serving a diverse international clientele. My primary offering to you is my own attuned, compassionate, authentic presence. I've been to my own version of hell and back many times, and I'm not afraid to enter into yours and be a guide on your way home to your true self. I know the terrain.

You will find me, and this work, to be "out of the box." Self inquiry and self honesty are the primary keys to successful outcomes. It requires uncommon courage to look directly at reality and to take total responsibility for oneself.  I have experience working with people from many cultures and backgrounds, ages 7 to 73. This work is for mature people who are ready to change patterns and become empowered creators.


People who work with me experience the healing of depression and anxiety, as well as the reduction and eventual elimination of destructive thoughts and behaviors.  I facilitate challenging life changes, including spiritual awakenings and existential crises, and can provide a guiding light in your dark night of the soul. 


It is my priority to support your empowerment in a variety of ways. I will help you to recognize and trust the wisdom and strength that is within you, as well as teaching you new and effective tools that you can apply in your daily life. I emphasize communication skill development and provide psychoeducation in relational dynamics. I have expertise in ending narcissistic abuse cycles and to how to change codependent patterns.

My specialty is communication, relationship, and working with childhood trauma, ie., Developmental or Complex PTSD, as well as acute PTSD. I utilize "parts work" to promote internal integration, and combine this work with EMDR, as appropriate. These methods assist us to effectively reprocess overwhelming experiences that continue to negatively effect our lives. 

I often include a psychodynamic approach, working

with symbolism, archetypal experiences, dreams, shadow integration, and identity development.

I also incorporate expressive art and ecotherapies, as appropriate. The creative process and the natural world are both profoundly supportive aspects of our reality, and are always close at hand. 


I emphasize the awareness of the body in all on-line and in-person therapy processes. The body never lies. When we attune to the wisdom of the body and learn to interpret and honor its messages, our healing and awakening process accelerates. Trauma and confusion from this lifetime, ancestral inheritances, and past life memories are all accessed and integrated in the present moment experience of our body. 

For those who are seeking healing, clarity and fulfillment in the realm of sexuality, I assist clients to more consciously embody their feminine and masculine energies,  playfully explore relationship polarity, and to discover and enjoy their natural sensuality and sexuality as an integral part of life.

Transformational Somatic Sessions

This work provides a combination of psychotherapeutic work and bodywork techniques, such as cranial sacral unwinding, Jin Shin acupressure, and Polarity therapy. Somatic Sessions are fully clothed and may include touch and work on a massage table and/or on a mat on the floor, as appropriate to the individual.

About Christy

I earned a Master's of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and have advanced training in EMDR, dissociation, and developmental trauma as well as Expressive Art Therapies and Equine Assisted Therapies. I was a Licensed Massage Therapist for 15 years, incorporating many modalities. As a somatic healer and teacher, I have developed and taught bodywork and healing movement processes, including Deep Listening, 5 Element Movement Meditation and Movement Laboratory. I also facilitate personal healing retreats and groups retreats and ceremonies for women.

My personal interests include a deep love of wild nature, spiritual practice, study and inquiry, and the creative arts. I'm currently diving into astrology and tarot, going deeper into these long time areas of interest and incorporating them into my work. I also have a permaculture certification and am a homesteader. The mother of two sons, who have grown into fine young men, I now embark on my wise woman years.

After 52 years of traveling
in and out of the darkness of the cave,
it has became crystal clear to me
that my purpose, or mission, in this life,
is to assist in the transmutation
of the personal and collective shadow,
transforming fear into love.
It is no wonder it's been exactly what its been.
We are always living
in the service of our mission
either consciously or unconsciously.

~ Christy Ann Ceraso
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